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Brilla una luz. Entendiendo el TDAH (vídeo).

Interesante documental de unos 12 minutos titulado "Brilla una luz. Entendiendo el TDAH". En él, desde una perspectiva científica y veraz, intentan arrojar un poco de conocimiento y difusión sobre el trastorno y las repercusiones que conlleva. Recomendable su visionado.

This film was made possible with the help of European Union’s FP7 and Horizon 2020 research and innovation programmes under grant agreements no 643051 (MiND), no 602805 (Aggressotype), no 667302 (CoCA), no 728018 (Eat2beNICE). The video reflects only the author's view and the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains. This short documentary shines a light on living with ADHD, from a personal and a scientific perspective. October is international ADHD Awareness month. This video contains subtitles in multiple languages. Underneath ‘settings’ (at the bottom right of the video) you can select a language of your preference.** This film is created by Laura Ghirardi, Nicoletta Adamo and Arjan de Brouwer together with a team of young researchers of the MiND research project and 4QuarterFilms. We thank the following professionals who were interviewed in this video: Dr. Barbara Franke and dr. Corina Greven, of Donders Institute, Radboud University Medical Center Dr. Philip Asherson, dr. Eric Taylor, and dr. Kai Syng Tan of King’s College London Mrs. Andrea Bilbow of ADDISS, ADHD Europe ( We also thank ms. Evie Travers, mr. Bryn Travers and mr. Aziz who were interviewed in this video. For more information on our EU-funded research programs, visit:
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